Augmented Reality Solutions for the Next Generation Business

Skill and Knowledge Transfer for Real Environments

Your senior experts are leaving and taking their knowledge with them. No backroom computer course does enough to help your newer employees to acquire what they need to be successful. Come learn how augmented reality, experience capture and Motim’s other solutions can help you close the gap and deliver enterprise-scale real-world training, service, and support tools to your organization.

The Real World

If a picture is worth 1000 words, wait until you see what a 3D video animation floating in the room with your equipment is worth. Move your training from the back room to where the action is happening and give your team next generation tools to learn faster.


Experience Capture

We understand that delivering the best requires the best. That's why its inherent in our culture to continually strive to work and learn from the best, as well as provide input from our own expertise. We believe that a collaborative design and development environment will always bring a better result. We live by it.

Motim Can Help

We build enterprise knowledge transfer solutions using augmented reality, experience capture, and other tools to craft training, service, and support materials accessible through mobile devices, tablets, and AR goggles, transforming your flat page-delivered materials to a highly functional skill transfer environment.

One Stop Shop

You’ve seen “gee whiz” augmented reality demos where someone shows engine schematics floating over the real engine. Motim builds functional skill transfer experiences, knowledge audits, storyboarding (these 3D experiences don’t just pop out at the click of a button), and workflow design. Our job is to transfer your best people’s wisdom to your newest staff’s brains.





  • 3D knowledge transfer experience
  • Interactive instruction
  • Expert video capture walk-throughs


  • Visual 3D repair materials
  • Virtual checklists and resource guides
  • Real time dial in “call for backup” support
  • IOT integration


  • On the floor asset materials
  • Prompts and checklists
  • Audit solutions (ask about IoT)

Sales, Marketing, Brand Experiences

  • Integrated consumer experience
  • 3D virtual creative sales experiences
  • Content marketing follow-ups


Our Company

Motim built several augmented reality experiences for branding, marketing, and sales experiences since 2007. In recent years, we’ve evolved our organization to focus on helping enterprise organizations develop skill and knowledge transfer environments where we focus on using 3D and experience capture technologies to stop the brain drain happening in so many large corporations and organizations.

Using our experience with AR technology, training methodologies, and mixed reality knowledge transfer, and through partnerships with world-class software and hardware providers, we deliver a ready-to-go training, service, and support environment for your organization.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient delivery, responsive and personalized service for our clients, and above all, we want to be measured on building you systems that come to be integral to the way you level up the institutional wisdom of your organization.

Get Started

There’s a lot to take in. What works best is a call with our team to learn about your needs, and to share what we think will best solve your knowledge transfer challenges. Click HERE to set an absolutely no-pressure appointment.

(Not ready for a call? Watch this recorded webinar first.)

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